Advanced Technology Research

1337 government tech is pretty damn cool... I'm looking at you, DARPA.

Government satellite-view radar laptop

I've always been attracted to the crazy advanced technology that government agencies use. Crazy GPS/GNSS systems, missile targeting, bomb sniffing robots, it's all super advanced and insanely cool.

I don't really have any valid reason to look into these systems besides curiosity. Being curious about things and learning as much as I can has gotten me pretty far in life, so I'll continue to do so :P

Here I'll post all of my notes on various "advanced technology projects" that I've done research on, along with what I've found that's publicly available, what speculation I have, and how I think it could be applied to civlian public industries.

If you're interested in any of these projects and would like to chat, feel free to conact me! If you're with a government agency or contractor and have an issue with something I've posted here, feel free to take it down. This is just fueled by curiosity, I don't mean any harm.