Server Management

Why run a home server? Why not!

Dell Poweredge servers with their
		  guts exposed

I've run different makeshift home servers for years. Honeypots, web servers, etc. Its really fun! I've learned tons about running Linux in an enterprise and always-online fashion, running different kinds of server software (FTP, SSH, etc), and more.

For hardware, I generally run my servers on various desktops and laptops. One of my favorite computers for running a tiny home honeypot is the Dell Optiplex GX400 (the smallest chassis). It draws almost no power, has a Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading(!), and had room for one hard drive and some DDR2 RAM. While not the most powerful platform ever, it could be stuffed under a desk or on a shelf and was quiet as a mouse.

Later, I moved onto my "halftop". It was a Dell Latitude D620 with the screen ripped off and chassis painted. I had a monitor mounted to my wall, so it was basically a full server/computer in the form factor of a keyboard, since all that was left was the bottom half of the laptop! This was my favorite platform by far for running on my electronics work bench. I could work on Arduino projects with my Arduino IDE and whatnot running on the half-top with the monitor nice and off the desk to give me more room to work!

A pile of servers in the back of
		  my Ford Ranger

And finally, most recently, I've been running a Dell Poweredge 2800. This thing is a jet engine. I seriously can't deal with it. Something is wrong with the fan controller, causing the fans to spin at 100% all the time. I worked on fixing it for a while, but quickly realized that even with the dual 604-socket Xeons, the massive 1000w, dual-PSU server had less computing power than my desktop and its AMD FX-8350.

As such, I'm at a crossroads. I have my Poweredge 2800 currently listed on Craigslist, available for a low price. I'm hoping to use the money to pick up some DDR3 ECC RAM, for another sever I was given. This one with an ATX-format SuperMicro motherboard and a nice i5! The only issue is the missing RAM.

If you're interested in any of my home server fun and would like to chat, feel free to conact me!