Gemini XL-500II

A broken DJ turntable gets another shot at life

Gemini XL-500II Turntable

I bought this turntable at a pawn shop for around $30 back in early 2017. I didn't know much about it, other than the fact that the motor worked sometimes. It had a slip mat on it and a "Traktor Scratch" record, meaning someone was probably using it for DJing. (For those unaware, Traktor Scratch records are a way to use physical vinyl turntables with a virtual DAW/DJ software, allowing you to scratch your MP3's on real records/turntables.)

I decided to buy it because I wanted to restore it and use it as my new turntable. My turntable at the time was a low-quality Sears LX-series unit, which didn't sound good at all.

Aaaaaand as of February 2018 I kiiiinda sorta haven't worked on this project yet. The Gemini turntable has been sitting in my room collecting dust. I was unable to find much information online about the turntable due to the age and relative obscurity compared to other more popular DJ turntables, not to mention a total lack of parts online. That being said, making this web page has taken enough effort that I want to fix the turntable! I'll update this with my progress.

If you have any questions about my hardware projects, I'd be happy to talk. You can contact me and I'll respond as soon as I can.